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Find the perfect investors for your company by using our curated database.     

What do we offer you?


1. The most affordable and extensive venture capital database in the world

We help you find venture capital, on a budget. Our lowest offering starts at just $59. Our closest competitor? Starts at $400. We price our data to level the playing field. Before, only the successful companies could afford this kind of comprehensive data.

We're changing that.

We offer you access to a constantly updated database of over 6000 firms. Our database gives you the ability to get in contact with the venture capital that is most likely to give your company money.

Either access our database online, or export it as a CSV depending on your needs. 

You can use our database to filter and find the firms that truly understand your business. Don't waste time cold emailing the wrong people, target your approach and save valuable effort and time.  

Our funds come from over 60 countries, all over the world. No matter the sector your company falls under, you'll be able to find a perfect match. 

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2. WE give you Personal Contact info for the 25,000 partners running these firms

Don't waste time cold emailing the wrong people, target your approach to save valuable effort and time.  We make sure that when you reach out, your emails find the right people.

We provide contact information on a one by one basis. If you would like the entire set of 25,000, we offer that as well at a higher price.


3. We help you start conversations

In addition to our database, we can also help you craft your cold emails. If you want our help, we will work with you individually to design an email that will get a response. Emailing is an art, let us help you perfect it. 


4. and If you don't find a match, money back GUARANTEE

          We exist to help you get funded. If we don't give you any leads, we'll refund you for the trouble.



Here's of preview of what could be yours...

Filter your search, and find the right firms. Here is a limited version of the database. Full access includes over 5000 additional firms and access to partner information


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